What was the best thing about working with Ellamac?

What was the least favourite part of working with Ellamac?

What could we have done to make your dealings with Ellamac more amazing?




Were you comfortable and happy with the staff member you dealt with?

Yes       Somewhat       Not really

Could our staff member/s have done anything to make your dealings more amazing?




How did you feel about the time it took to receive proofs/designs/completed work?

It was too slow    It was a bit slower than I would like    It was exactly as I expected    It was faster than I expected

Was the work was completed to your satisfaction?

I was extremely happy    I was very satisfied       I was somewhat satisfied     I was not very happy

Care to elaborate?




How did you find the cost of the work that was carried out for you?

The cost was less than I expected    The cost was exactly as I expected   The cost was more than I expected   

Any comments?

Were you happy receiving an emailed account?

I was happy with email    I don't mind how I receive my bills    I would have preferred a hard copy




Would you recommend working with Ellamac to others?

Yes, I am a raving fan    Yes, to some people    Not really    No, I would not recommend

Can you tell us why/why not?




Thank you very much for your feedback - it really is valuable to us.  If you have any other comments you would like to make, please feel free to contact Ella on 0274 838 015, or design@ellamac.co.nz

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